Intertecno’s history begins almost 50 years ago. In 1964, Mario Costantino and Pierluigi Cattaneo started their consulting engineering business venture in the hectic years of the Italian economic boom. The founders will transform their professional practice into a limited company, Intertecno S.p.A..

THE 80s AND 90s

During the 1980s Pier Paolo Vecchi joined the Company and brought to the company his Project Management skill, gained during his experience within a major international engineering and contracting organization, and applied it to the commercial sector. In these years the company was able to develop new competences, ranging from the integrated design of all engineering aspects, to the introduction of a Project Management division. This allowed the company to expand its reach and business capabilities. The accomplishment of this major step forward was achieved with the important contribution of new shareholders, Paolo Zuccala, Giuseppe Baudille and Domenico Baudille. In the early 90s, with the opening of the markets within EU countries, Intertecno promoted the set-up of the first EEIG – European Economic Interest Group – among Engineering Companies in Europe. It is called TOP E and is based in Brussels; it includes 12 important Engineering Companies from EU countries.

FROM THE YEAR 2000 TO 2014

In the first years of the new millennium, two new young Shareholders joined Intertecno, Alberto Romeo and Enrico Bonetti and Intertecno consolidated its leading position amongst Italian companies active in the hospitality sector, a field the company had already been operating in with several significant projects in the previous decade.

In the luxury hotels field Intertecno worked with prestigious international chains and Italian customers, successfully applying the methods of Project and Construction Management to building and renovation initiatives, often concerning historical buildings, of hotels and resorts all over Italy and abroad.

Intertecno has already established a recognised capability to offer a complete service of, integrated design, project management and construction management. The efficiency and innovation delivered through these core activities affirm the principle characteristics of the company.

Some of important projects are located not only in Europe but also in Africa and in the Middle East, where Intertecno confirms its cooperation policy with local professionals already tested in Europe in previous years.

FROM 2015

Today, Intertecno has become part of the international group Artelia, with more than 40 offices in 33 countries worldwide. With a team of over 3,000 employees and a yearly turnover of 364million euro (2014), it is one of the most important and dynamic international engineering companies. This development is testament to the drive of Intertecno to reinforce its position in the domestic market by extending its range of services, in addition to an increased international focus and the ability to tailor services and expertise to the continuously changing needs of its clients, who are also global players around the world.
The key values of Intertecno remain unchanged: reliability, high ethical standards, caring for its employees and the communities in which it operates. These values, along with dedication to clients, the ability to offer “tailored” services, and setting its own challenges, allows Intertecno to look to the future with confidence and optimism.

Mario Costantino and
Pierluigi Cattaneo, the founders
of Intertecno

Intertecno’s first office

Intertecno’s technical department
in the Eighties

Our present-day headquarters

Milan’s technical department

Rome’s technical department