Intertecno was established in 1973 and is now amongst Italy’s most qualified engineering firms with a forty years long experience in both Italian and international markets. Our major fields of competence range from multidisciplinary engineering design, to technical consultancy, as well as project and construction management.
Our professional expertise and experience have ensured high quality services and the attainment of the most adequate technical solutions in relation to project obligations and the criteria of quality, timing and costs concerning realization, environmental sustainability and energy performance.

We are a competent, professional and reliable firm able to tailor its services to the specific needs and characteristics of each Project and hence we are also a reliable Partner for our Clients. Client satisfaction is of paramount importance to our business and we always operate exclusively in the interest of the clients themselves. The balance and professionalism of Intertecno provide the Client with guaranteed autonomy, impartiality and independence in all circumstances.

Our extensive expertise and experience, alongside the skills of our staff, our goal-oriented corporate philosophy, and – above all – the flexibility of our organization and our operations management system enable us to provide professional services during the whole lifecycle of a project, be it by assuming its full control and responsibility or by operating in specific sectors, based on our Clients’ needs and demands.

The company is managed according to project management principles, and its matrix structure makes use of the same strict and yet flexible organizational principles that are the key elements for the development of each individual project. For example, a project manager is primarily responsible for the project and functional managers provide technical expertise and assign resources as needed.


Our headquarter offices are located in Milan. We are also present with a local office in Rome.
Internationally, Intertecno operates in Poland and Hungary through directly controlled subsidiaries; in 2009 we opened a branch in Tripoli (Libya) and in 2014 we also opened a branch in Tehran (Iran).


In 1990 Intertecno participated in the foundation of TOP E, a network comprising leading, long-standing and well established European and American, independent consulting engineering firms.