Intertecno coordinates and manages Projects during their whole lifecycle. We have a staff of competent, professional and motivated project managers who are able to comply with all the obligations, with the requested quality level, with the Client’s deadlines, with the approved budget and with the environmental sustainability and energy performance goals.

Our project managers work on the basis of the operating procedures that have been developed during our many years of experience as well as on the basis of international standards.

Our services

The main activities in the field of Project Management are the following:

  • To act as agents on behalf of Clients

    Acting as agents on behalf of Clients in the management of contracts

  • Strategy consulting

    Setting up work strategies, defining and sharing goals with Clients

  • Overall coordination

    Coordinating all the players involved, such as consultants, designers, firms and suppliers across all the phases

  • Project planning and timeline control

    Defining the overall project schedule, controlling deviations, implementing correction measures

  • Project budgeting and cost control

    Defining the overall budget of the project, controlling deviations, implementing correction measures

  • Consulting in relation to calls for tender and procurement

    - Determining tender strategies for works and services and the most appropriate contractual instruments
    - Prequalification of contractors and suppliers, and preparation of tender packages
    - Management of calls for tender and evaluation of offers
    - Assistance in construction contract awarding

  • Project Communication Management

    Drawing up project reports, constant liaison with the Client concerning the progress of the Project; provision of forecasts and timely notification regarding decisions the Client has to take

  • Project Risk Management

    Spotting the potential risks involved in the project and defining risk reduction and control measures

  • Value Engineering

    Consulting on optimising project solutions in order to minimise time and costs maintaining the same performance and quality level