During the construction phase, Intertecno offers and delivers for each project services which are functional to the contracting strategies. These can range from entrusting the works to a single General Contractor, to a series of separate contracts with qualified companies and suppliers.

Our Construction Management department is staffed with construction managers, site managers, discipline specialists and assistants who are able to manage complex construction sites. They operate on the basis of special procedures that we have developed and codified over many years, as well as of international standards.

Our services

In the field of Construction Management Intertecno can provide, amongst others, the following services:

  • Construction supervision

    To assume the role and responsibility of the general construction site supervisor, as well as the role of supervisor of each discipline.

  • Technical consulting regarding building site strategies

    Analysis of possible alternatives for the optimisation of the construction process based on cost-effectiveness goals and realization timeline.

  • Coordination of sub-contractors and suppliers

    Coordination and harmonisation of the activities entrusted to different sub-contractors and of the possible direct supplies according to the principles of Construction Management, in particular according to procurement models with separate contracts.

  • Supervision and control of all construction activities

    The construction supervision and control activity is performed with the help of well-tested management procedures. These concern, among other activities, all the operation phases, all the procedures aimed at the delivery of quality results, the proper information flow and the continuous updating regarding schedules and progress.

  • Verification and control of the programmes for the timely completion of building works

  • Verification and control of the construction projects

  • Construction budgeting and cost control

  • Quality control and acceptance/delivery of the works

  • Expediting

    Intertecno performis inspections at the production facilities of contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers in order to verify the quality and correct timing of the supplies and the parts of the works built off-site.

  • Management of change orders

  • Technical assistance for the settlement of claims and litigations

  • Functional tests and inspections during the works, acceptance tests

    Technical and administrative inspections, inspections on structures, functional tests concerning the building services, verification of the required performances indicators, acceptance tests.

  • Assistance in obtaining fit for use certificates

  • Assistance in the acceptance of the works and their commissioning

    Intertecno provides services for the supervision and coordination of pre-commissioning and commissioning so as to ensure the proper process in the acceptance and use of the works.

  • Safety management

    Assuming the role and responsibility of Safety Coordinator during the construction works and acting as Safety Manager.