Intertecno has always been committed to developing innovative environmentally-friendly energy- and resource-efficient projects.
Over the years we have selected and adopted the most reliable and best-suited reference methods in the sector. Hence, we are able to offer professional services in the field of sustainable engineering; these services are provided by our qualified engineers with dedication and commitment, but also with the necessary pragmatism to choose the most viable alternatives and ensure to our Clients sustainable solutions not only in relation to the environment, but also from the technical, economic and programmatic standpoint.

Our services

Intertecno can provide the following services:

  • Defining the reference protocol (LEED, SBC/Itaca, Breeam etc.)

  • Consultancy for building certification according to the chosen protocol

  • Spotting both technical and design solutions to achieve the best possible management of resources (environment, energy, water) and environmental quality

  • Defining the construction technologies and selecting the materials (ECOLABEL)

  • Preparing the environment of the construction site and building